Inspired and inspiring!… 
Do I get a free latte now?
Woman in café 

Sweet… where can I get them?
Girl in café

Lovely… they look so real.
Woman on bus 

They should be on the tube
Girl on London Tube

They are not like other angels…
they’re so real
Another woman on another bus

They make you think
An electrician     

Urk … those angels are fat and naked… 
Lady exhibitor at Spring Show,
NEC, Birmingham

What’s not to like?
Fat guy at Spring Show,
NEC, Birmingham 

Wonderful! They truly express the Laws of Attraction
75-year old Austrian Countess 

Brian’s cartoons delight and uplift. They bring a smile to your face and touch your heart. It is the work he was born for.
Nick Williams, author of 'The Work We Were Born To Do'

Everybody should see them
Some famous guy at a party 

These should be in The Guardian
Kevin, garden designer and homeopath 

I like them… reminds me a bit of ‘Love Is’
Cartoon editor of Daily Mirror 

Brian’s angels are awesome. They surprise because they don’t look like any Angels I’m used to. They come with a simple message that has a deeper yet accessible meaning - and are truly a miracle.
Mike Bell, The Wisdom Meme 

Delightful … I love Angels
Lady in shop 

Our printers love ‘em. Really fun
Biddles, the printers 

They look like they’ve always existed
Katrin, Designer ANGEL DELIGHTS 

Could I buy the first copy… signed of course!
Many kind people 

I have admired Brian’s Angel Cards for years. They are profound and beautifully drawn. 
Susie Joyce, Painter 

So uplifting 
Friend receiving Angel by email 

They made my day  
Another friend 

You made my day  
Woman on bus 

I love them  
Girl in shop 

This really is bigger than it looks
Man in café looking at ANGEL DELIGHT book proofs 

Let me tell you about my angel…  
Lady on train 

Rick Frishman, one of America’s leading book publicists  

I’ve been inspired all day since
A friend 

They should be cards
Many people 

They should be toys

They should be animated  

They should be Angel beauty products
Leigh Richmond, leading aromatherapist – watch this space 

I can’t stop painting Angels now!  
Shelly Vickers-Pertz 

What’s that one doing?

My mum 

I love them, but there’s one thing I can’t do… ‘Forgive’  
Old man in café who handles the rights of torture victims worldwide.
… but the page he spoke of was ‘Forgive yourself!’ 

I like them… they are really unusual 
French card distributor 

Germany will love them
Major German card distributor 

These will do really well in America
US angel gift distributor 

Can I use one as a logo for an orphanage I’m building in Ecuador?  

Sweet… but something else also
Girl in health food shop 

Have you got any stickers, Daddy?
Zachari (3) 

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