There are numerous websites I could recommend. Here are a few that particularly touch my heart and the spirit of ANGEL DELIGHTS… not in any special order! 

Mike Bell’s Centre for Vital Elders
Mike ran a Wisdom Council for members of the Creative Dream Team which was a real turning point on the path to creating ANGEL DELIGHTS. He and Patricia Bell combine the tools of ancient wisdom with Whole System Thinking and Future Search to catalyse creative thinking and inspiration. Their latest project is the Climate of Change Council.

“He who knows others is learned, He who knows himself is wise.”  Lao-Tse

Pam Carruthers, Healing Stars
Pam is a Psychology of Vision Trainer and Soul Astrologer. Formerly a designer on a leading UK Sunday Newspaper, Pam is now an extraordinary astrologer and trainer involved in Chuck Spezanno’s Psychology of Vision. Her work has powerful insight, with a light, uplifting approach.

Nick Williams, Speaker, Trainer, Heart at Work
Nick Williams is a former director of Alternatives, and author of the best selling Heart at Work. Nick is an old friend and knows just about everything about finding the soul in terms of doing the work you truly love. He’s right! Cartooning these little angels gives me far more pleasure than the millions of words I’ve written for leading business and consumer magazines in the UK and the US. Isn’t life strange?

Be The Change
Workshops round the country and an annual conference in London, UK, which brings together some of the most angelic and inspiring people on the planet - social entrepreneurs of all descriptions. Imagine the spirit of Woodstock indoors with the music of conversation from multiple minds.

The Skoll World Forum

Another meeting of earthly angels at SAID Business School in Oxford, UK … some more so than others. But there’s no doubting that people like Muhammad Yunnus, Bill Drayton of Ashoka, Larrry Brilliant and so many others make you proud to be a human be-ing. Jeff Skoll truly helps people be the difference and this is an amazing network if you want to be and learn from the Keys to World Change.

Keys to World Change (coming 2009)
I believe there are 6.5 billion and rising Keys to World Change, and part of my work is to create a ‘Not so Lonely Planet Guide’ to many of these unsung heroes worldwide. ANGEL DELIGHTS will help finance the new Keys to World Change website and many further publications.